Can AD7 work for my business?


  • Plumber

    At AD7 we understand that as a tradesman you are always on the road and may struggle to find the time to grow your business. We can take away this struggle as our quick and easy software gets ads for your business up on Google within minutes. This means the next time someone needs a plumber in your local area you could be the first person they call.

  • Electrician

    Advertising in the local paper may have secured you business in the past, but times have changed. Now when something goes wrong and people are in need of an electrician they 'Google it'. With AD7 you can be the first result people in your area see when they search online. All you have to do is tell us a few details about your business, and we will do the rest!

  • Landscaper

    Gaining new customers from the recommendations of previous happy customers may feel great, but is it a great way to build your business? A better way to build your business is through posting online ads. At AD7 we make this process simple. All we need from you are a few details about your company and we can get your business up online and in front of people searching for landscapers in your area.

  • Locksmith

    You might be great at unlocking doors, but how are you at unlocking new business opportunities? At AD7 we will create adverts for your business online and unlock a myriad of opportunities for potential customers. All you need to do is provide us with a few simple details and we will do the rest.

  • Painter/Decorator

    The top of a ladder isn't the best place to plan advertising strategies. At AD7 we understand that your expertise is painting and decorating; luckily ours is online advertising! All we need are a few details about your company and we will get your business up online in a superior position, above your competitors, within minutes.

  • Roofer

    Rain isn't a roofers only problem. Planning growth strategies can often be challenging for small business owners. Why not leave it to the experts? At AD7 we put your business in front of people who are searching online for roofing services in your area. Meaning that when a rainy day hits, you have time to focus on other important tasks.

  • Fitter

    We know you are focused on juggling doors and cabinets, and don't want to be worrying about online ads, which can seem complicated and time consuming. That's why AD7's simple Google ad generator handles the heavy lifting for you. Simply tell us a few details about your business, and our team can bring you more leads. Leaving you more time to find that missing handle.

  • Pest Control

    You know the pesky mouse that's been driving Mrs Hardy crazy is right under your nose. We know that your next customers are also close by. At AD7 we understand the value of local customers, that's why we tailor our ads to locations that suit you. By advertising online, you will be able to target local searchers, making sure they know you're here.

Professional Services

  • Mortgage Advisor

    At AD7 we understand how valuable each customer is to your business. Making sure your customers have a positive experience has often been the key to new business, as referrals are extremely important in this industry. AD7 can offer you an easier, more effective way to gain new customers. By placing ads online you will find customers who may otherwise have never known about your business. Additionally, with these new customers you gain from your online ads, you also have an opportunity to widen your referrals.

  • Solicitor

    At AD7 we understand how difficult it is for solicitors to organically find customers and be noticed within the community. Make your law firm stand out from the local competition by placing ads online with AD7. By advertising online, you will be able to gain a superior spot on Google, above your competitors, and find customers who are seeking the services that you offer.

  • Dentist

    Standing out from all of the competing dentists in your area must be difficult. At AD7 we can help you to grow your business by targeting relevant searchers based on the specialised services you offer. This allows you to set yourself apart from the local competition and get your business a superior spot on Google.

  • Accountant

    As someone who specialises in numbers, why not do the numbers for how much time you would save if you didn't have to worry about thinking of ways to secure new customers? By placing ads with AD7 you can get ads up on Google within minutes, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions.

  • Private Doctor

    We understand that when working in the private healthcare sector you will have multiple different services on offer. At AD7 we place adverts for your business online and put you in front of customers who are looking for the specific services your practice has on offer. This means that none of your budget is wasted on people who aren't interested in what you provide.

  • Cleaner

    As a cleaner who works locally, do you know how to set online adverts that only appear to people in your area? Well at AD7 we do! We can set adverts for your business and make sure they only appear in the locations you wish; allowing you to wipe the floor with your competitors and secure your business a superior spot on Google.

  • Consultant

    We understand that you like to consider the value of every business decision, but with your first month's online advertising free there is no reason to deliberate joining AD7. Simply sign up and see that online advertising can work for you. When creating ads through AD7, you get your own team of Digital Marketing Experts, Copywriters, Web Designers, and Google Account Managers. We can tailor your adverts to appear only for people looking for your services, in locations that you choose, meaning none of your budget goes to waste.