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AD7 Special Promotion - Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (these ‘Terms’) must be read alongside the AD7 Licence Agreement, which, together with these Terms, tell you the terms on and subject to which we provide you with the Money Back Guarantee.

  1. The Money Back Guarantee will apply for the first month after you register on the AD7 portal (‘Portal’) and we have activated the first advertising campaign under your account (‘Campaign’), but subject to your active co-operation with us (for example we will need to speak to you to gather more information), so that we may build your Campaign, failing which we will activate your Campaign using only the information you provide when you register on the Portal, but you will no longer be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee.
  2. The Money Back Guarantee is only available for the first account you set up on the Portal, whether that is an account in your own name or an account you set up on behalf of an organisation.
  3. The Money Back Guarantee is offered on the amount of subscription credits you have purchased for the first month after you register on the Portal and by the time you opt in for the Money Back Guarantee (‘Qualifying Amount’), up to a maximum value of £1000.
  4. We will refund you the Qualifying Amount if, during that first month, your Campaign fails to generate at least 4 leads. A lead includes:
    1. a potential customer of yours completing the online enquiry form provided to them via the Portal;
    2. a telephone call from a potential customer to the number you have registered for the Campaign, even if you do not answer the call;
    3. an online order for goods or services you are selling, even if the order is subsequently cancelled or the goods are returned to you for any reason.
  5. We will monitor the progress of your Campaign, and if by 72 hours before the end of the month, during which the Money Back Guarantee applies, your Campaign has not generated at least 4 leads, we will send you an email with instructions on how to claim your refund.
  6. We reserve the right not to offer the Money Back Guarantee special promotion in the following circumstances:
    1. if we have the right to terminate your account on the Portal pursuant to the terms of our Licence Agreement;
    2. your e-commerce website does not, or not all of your e-commerce websites, if you operate more than one, support tracking software;
    3. you place unreasonable restrictions on the pool of potential customers to whom, or the geographic area in which, the Campaign is targeted;
    4. you opt to purchase a lower value of subscription credits than is suggested by our account manager, when they call you, after you input the Campaign basics on the Portal.